Amsterdam ‘my hotspots’

Good evening! Excuse the late update, it has been a very eventful month and christmas is just around the corner, so I may experience some festive-stress. I kind of still need to buy all my gifts.. oops! However, I do have a new blogpost for you guys, because I didn’t forget you guys! Don’t worry! On this blogpost, I’d like to highlight some of my favourite places in Amsterdam. They aren’t the most common places, because trust me, there are so many good spots. But still, I feel like you should visit them to get the full on Amsterdam experience. So without further a due: Lets get Amsterdamned! 

1. Vlaamse Friteshuis Vleminckx

Whilst you are wondering around the city, maybe just like me doing you’re christmas shopping in the Kalverstraat and the Leidsestraat, you might crave for some juicy, delicious, indulging food. At least I do! That’s why everyone, and I mean everyone should throw those french fries from Mc Donalds in the bin. Because they got nothing on the french fries of the Vlaamse Friteshuis on the Heiligeweg. Those are homemade, fresh fried fries and damn they are delicious. You’ll get your fries in the famous ‘patatzak’ with a big dullop of mayonnaise, ketchup, satésaus or any other sauce you prefer. Another plus is the location. It is situated in an alley close to the main shopping street and across the kalvertoren! The perfect excuse 😉 348s Adres: Voetboogstraat 33 1012 XK Amsterdam Centrum

2. Café Blue One of my other favorites, and extremely close to my first one, is the blue café. It is situated in the kalvertoren, all the way up to the top of the shopping centre. Whilst you’re enjoying your tasty food, you get the best view of the city. You don’t necessarily have to eat something, getting just a drink is totally fine. We’re dutch, we don’t make a fuss ;). It may not been one of the most known spots, but all the more reason to go see that one! dscn3223

Adres: Singel 457, 1012 WP Amsterdam

3. De Yoghurt Barn The bloggers, fashionista’s, health freaks and hipsters love it, and so do I. The Yoghurt Barn. A very trendy, cosy place with a buzzing atmosphere where you can eat yoghurt with various toppings and combinations. Drink a nice tea or coffee or you might as well go all out and reserve a table for a very nice high tea. Such a treat! And whilst you’re there, definitely instagram about it and tag the yoghurt barn! They are all about the social media 😉 The yoghurt barn is a little bit further from the city centre. It is situated near to the albert kuyp market! Which is as well one of the places you must visit! It’s a market full of fresh foods, cheap but trendy clothes and many possibilities to taste dutch treats as poffertjes, stroopwafels and many more! Great to fill up your afternoon. So much to see, so little time…  IMG_0442 adres: Vinkenburgstraat 15, 3512 AA Utrecht

4. De Bazar De Bazar is a restaurant which is situated in the middle of the albert kuyp market. It is a turkish themed restaurant, with loads of traditional dishes and it is absolutely delicious! It is an incredible place to take a nice lunch. Order some small dishes and sip a nice mint tea! The restaurant is placed in an old church, therefore the setting is very special. With loads of coloured stained glass and nice turkish decorations. I’m getting hungry writing this.. Unknown

Albert Cuypstraat 182, 1073 BL Amsterdam

5. Restaurant ‘De Knijp’

Last, but definitely not least; Restaurant de Knijp! This restaurant is situated close to the museumsquare and het concertgebouw! They have an incredible menu, full of nice meat, vegetarian and fish dishes. However they always have weekly specials, full of exciting spice combinations, but not to culinary so don’t worry! It’s small and cosy and they are open until 12 o’clock. So wanna go for a late supper at eleven? No worries, we will visit de knijp! Plus, this year is their 40th anniversary! So let’s celebrate with some good food and good company! 157_0_e218904417f77a0c54784202da6a4800 Adres: Van Baerlestraat 134, 1071 BD Amsterdam

I do hope you guys liked this blogpost. I’d like to repeat that these are some of my favorites and of course everybody has a different opinion! If you have visited these spots and enjoyed them please let me know :). I’d like to hear more about your hotspots as well and I want to wish you all a very merry christmas and happy new year! XOXO Hella



Good Afternoon!

Today I have a very special, but totally different blogpost for you guys!
Last tuesday, I’ve been to a concert at the Ziggodome in Amsterdam with two of my good friends! We’ve bought our tickets long before hand in May and we were super, super excited to see our all time favorite artist, Enrique Iglesias! The pre show, who was none other than (drum rolls) Demi Lovato! started around 8 o’clock so we’ve rushed down to the venue with the help of my beloved mom for bringing us!


Since I have to admit, that I’ve never actually heard so much music from Demi Lovato. I was flabbergasted to hear her sing and perform so effortlessly! I mean damn she can sing. I’ll be sure to listen to more of her music in the future.  I’ve filmed a lot, but unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to share videos on here! So please help me out and I’ll gladly show them!

Around half past 9 came the moment we’d all been waiting for. Enrique. The venue became silent and sudden screams erupted, people rose from their seats and the music started of with a big bang! The SEX & LOVE tour had begon and I was excited as hell!


We’d been sitting quite in the back on the main floor of the venue, whilst others were sitting up the sides. We didn’t have the best view in the world, but we managed to see and film some great videos. Uptill one moment. He had song a few of his most known and famous songs, like heartbeat, I like it, I like how it feels etc. And after those, the stage became dark and silent. Right next to our seats, was a small, tiny second stage, and you probably already know what’s coming next. Yes to confirm your thoughts. Enrique Iglesias was going to perform, right next to our freaking seats! We’d quickly gathered around the small stage and the adrenaline was rushing through my veins. I was going to see my idol in 2 meters distance, WHUT?

IMG_0343  IMG_0315

It was such a cool experience! I feel so lucky to have seen him perform up this close! It is definitely an experience I will never forget! We had the time of our lives singing along to our favorite songs like Hero, Bailamos, Bailando and many many more!


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blogpost and let me know what you think in the comments! Whose your favorite artist that you’ve been dying to see? And did you enjoy this type of blogpost? Feel free to subscribe to be notified whilst I upload my new blogposts!



My travel diary “Asian Style” Part 5

Good evening! 

Wow, first of all I’d like to thank all my 10 followers! It probably doesn’t sound as that much, but I feel honored that already 10 people liked my posts enough to push the button! Therefore I’m feeling very very inspired and motivated today, so here comes posts number 5 on the travel diaries asian style series.

Blogpost number 4 was one hard to top, but don’t worry. I’ve got lots of cards to play 😉 First of all, we’re in Taipei! It’s such a gorgeous, clean, organized city! Everything is structured, which must be the biggest difference compared to Hanoi. (thank god for traffic lights haha)


We’ve had to do lots and lots of business, since all the big companies, distributers and suppliers would all get together at the fair called “Taitra”. We were going to walk around for 2 days to meet up with some of our clients or suppliers. We’ve also visited lots of businesses to see if we could corporate with them in the future. The whole experience was extremely eye opening and I’ve learned so so much about the industry. Other than that, I have to admit that being in Taipei reminded me of to things: The nintendo pokemon game and the Wii dolls :)!

Now that’s it for the business part of the post, on to the sightseeing! You can imagine that there was one thing, which had been on top of my bucket- list: the Taipei 101. Unfortunately the first time I was out of luck, we had arrived quite late at the building and the last group was heading in. But since they had already closed up the computers they didn’t allow us to join them. So we’d decided we would come back the day after. And boy it didn’t disappoint at all! The view is (and i’m not exaggerating) drop dead gorgeous. You can see a couple miles far, having sight on several schools with tracks, forest, rivers and of course lots of skyscrapers.



(Yes we’ve actually stayed until it was dark haha)

I’m sorry for capturing the view too badly, the quality isn’t too good, apologies. It was very cool seeing everything from such a height and I’d definitely recommend visiting the Taipei 101 whilst being in Taipei. Other than that, we’ve also visited a very touristic and small village just an hour driving from Taipei. It was very authentic and nice. Lots of tourist though, but also many cool souvenirs shops. What I’d liked most about it was that every small store was unique, which may seem quite impossible, but trust me on this! The only downside. It is completely and utterly packed! so if you’re claustrophobic, definitely rethink you’re decision of visiting! To prove my statement:


 But if you’re all about breaking you’re boundaries, please go! We’ve tasted loads of fresh fruits (my fave if you hadn’t guessed 🙂 ). We drank a cup of the in the traditional style in this lovely tea place. They showed us how you should make you’re cup of tea. There are quite a few steps: which consist of much decanting and sorting the right amount of tea leaves. There was a small kettle in the middle cooking up some tea water. It was a very cool experience.



After that, we’ve wondered around for a few more hours and drove back to Taipei to take a rest. On our way home I’ve made quite the fotoshot. I don’t want to brag, but this could easily be in a magazine haha 🙂


And with that gorgeous picture we have come to the end of the asian style travel diaries. I’ve genuinely enjoyed writing them and hope you enjoyed them too. If you haven’t visited Asia before (but are doubting or thinking about it): I’d like to tell you that, to me, it was an once in a lifetime experience. I’d loved every moment of it! I feel like I’ve seen so much on this trip: the daily life, the poorness, the luxury, the family life, the country side and city life. The warmth, tropical forest and wildlife. The amazing food culture and the after effects of some of it haha. The openness, kindness, caring and hardworking nature of the people. I’ve had a great time and wish anybody to have a similar experience! I’ve learned a lot about life in general and that I am very grateful for it.

I’d like to hear more about you’re travel experiences and how you feel about mine. If you liked this series, please follow my blog to be noticed whilst I put up new blogposts/series/ideas.



My travel diary “Asian Style” Part 4

Nǐ hǎo

The travel diaries return! This time it’s a special one, since the day I’m going to describe is the 25th of June. Which means….. It’s MY BIRTHDAY! That day it was my seventeenth birthday and boy it was hectic. Since I would have my 00:00 in Vietnam, we decided to do something which I looooove: getting a massage. We’ve went to a local spa and they were so so sweet (even though they had rough hands haha). When they found out it was my birthday, they gave me a coupon to get a free massage, which was very thoughtful and for me a good excuse to come back to Vietnam 😉 My mother, grams and brother all rapped up my gifts and put those in my luggage. They asked me to open them up on my birthday! Which was quite the surprise in the hotel since one of them was loaded with confetti and balloons (the hotel may not have been too happy with me).

The next morning we woke up early, because we had a 2 o’clock flight to Taipei, Taiwan. Even though I was very excited to go to Taiwan, the idea of flying didn’t excite me the slightest. As a bonus to that, my father (who has been in some of the pictures in chapter 1 and 2, had caught food poisoning. He was extremely ill and had the constant need to search for a toilet. (I guess we all know why 😉 ). The flight wasn’t too good for me. The plane was extremely old and had bursts all over it. The woman who was sitting in the seat next to me was phoning whilst we were on the runway ready for take off. I was starting to get extremely anxious, since I am very afraid of flying. You could imagine my joy when we landed all safely and I think I jumped out of my seat as fast as I could.

After that, we’d been picked up by a very luxurious car who would drive us to the hotel. The car even had Wi-Fi, Whaaat? In less than six hours we had a total change from slightly a pour lifestyle to a very very wealthy one. We still hadn’t eat a thing and it was now around 6 o’clock. At this point my father was feeling his worst. We’ve arrived at palais de chine where we were staying. It was absolutely gorgeous. Again, in Taiwan we would meet one of the employees of my father who would show us around and help us do business. The night of my birthday we were going to have a fancy business meal with the company of royal family (The brand of the Mochi). The food was amazing and delicious but also very exquisite. For most of the dishes I couldn’t even recognize what it was Haha. After that, they completely surprised me by making a speech in Chinese, saying that it is somebody’s birthday, whilst the waiters were rolling in 12 big birthday cake. They made me come up and they all started singing happy birthday in Chinese and English! I could say that was my first time having at least a 100 people singing happy birthday to me.

As you can see, my birthday was very eventful and it had its ups and downs, but it is definitely my most memorable! I’ll give you a quick summary:

– Being in two countries – getting a massage – Having a mental breakdown on the plane – Sitting in a limo – Having a fancy 12 course meal – Getting happy birthday wishes from 100 people

I hope you enjoyed this long long chapter which describes my special birthday. I’d like to know what you think about it and to hear more about your most memorable birthday. Please follow my blog to get noticed whilst I post my new drafts! P.S. I’m sorry for the lack of photos (I was too overwhelmed)



My travel diary “Asian Style” Part 3

Good Evening!

I hope you’ve all had a great Oktober! I sure did, since autumn is my all time favorite! But nonetheless I’m beginning to miss the holiday season due to all the studying I’ve been up to! So there’s only one way to make up for it: The last but not least post of this asian style travel diary series in Vietnam.
I hope you enjoy 🙂

Vietnam was absolutely wonderful! We’ve had amazing experiences so far, but we’ve got some exciting days a head of us as well! The last full on day in vietnam we’ve visited the Ho Chi Minh museum and the house he used to live in.


I’ve got to be honest here, I hadn’t heard to much about him, but in the north of vietnam, he is seen as the national hero. He did great things for vietnam and its people and I feel fortunate to have the possibility to see and learn so many things about him and his life.

We’ve carried on visiting Hanoi it’s first ever university, which dates back in the late 1000’s. It was very cool to see the names of the graduates of those years. All of them which have been dated into large stones in very ancient vietnamese writing. (even our vietnamese friend couldn’t translate them). The university itself consist of some absolutely gorgeous buildings and we’ve been quite lucky that day, since there was a class of graduates who were taking there pictures there (with square academic caps and all). This is a vietnamese tradition, which all was very exciting to see, as this isn’t a common thing in Holland.

IMG_0091   IMG_0092

That was our last day of Hanoi. We hadn’t been there too long, since we’ve had to leave for our next destination. I would definitely like to come back to Hanoi. It has been absolutely incredible, with such genuinely nice people, who are loving caring and hardworking. They provide honest and fresh foods and have the most amazing and exciting wildlife. The traffic is insane and also gives you a good adrenaline rush. I’d like to finish Hanoi of with this crazy picture I took from the back of a taxi haha!


Next stop: Taipei, Taiwan. Be prepared ’cause it’s on my birthday! 😉
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My Travel diary “Asian style” Part 2

Good afternoon guys!
I’m genuinely sorry for the very very late update! But  I promise you, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

Like I already told you, we were visiting Asia mainly for business. In Hanoi, we had the task to gather some good, trusting suppliers who treat their staff with respect and who care for them. So that was what the second day was all about. We visited a variety of companies. Some of which were quite big and others were small family businesses. We were able to find some really good people to work with in the future, but we’ve also stumbled upon some bad ones. We tried our hardest to convince them that treating your staff good is so important, but it is a very complex situation.

foto 2

Since we were up and about all day I haven’t taken as much photos as I would have liked. Though I have seen some very interesting stuff, like a noodles factory, a porcelain market and a porcelain factory and last but not least some traditional vegetable factories (which were very primitive). Therefore this day was so so eye opening. Because you really are able to take a peek in their lives instead of the touristic scene you normally experience. And now we’re talking about their normal life, let me tell you: these vietnamese people all have one item in common: scooters.

foto 4

You will see them everywhere! There are even more scooters to cars and they can carry so incredibly much stuff with them! Some even carry 12 crates of soda with them or sit on one with 3 persons! I also would like to point out that from what I experienced: Vietnamese people are genuinely nice people. They are so so friendly, honest and welcoming and they really have made my stay so pleasurable.


Take for example this lady. She’s a very hard worker, selling these exotic fruits on the street, but managed to make all of us smile just because of the energy around her. She chopped us some great pieces and was so happy that we bought something from her. It was amazing that doing this small thing for her had made her day.

 Since we’ve had the whole everyday life experience, we thought it be cool to eat in a real traditional vietnamese restaurant. So after this long tiring day, we went to eat at a small restaurant in the city outskirts of Hanoi!


I’ll give you a quick heads up of the food (on the left was a seafood brew with much koriander, we had spinach with garlic, some scrambled egg with again some sort of seafood and duck with some dumplings a side) 

The food was very delicious and as you can see on the picture, we had to eat sitting on pillows on the floor. It’s a very different sight compared to the european way of a restaurant, but never the less it was very fun. (although when you’re not used to it, you can see it as quite the work out)

I hoped you enjoyed my second travel day from the travel diaries and make sure you follow my blog to get a heads up when I post my next one!

Lots of love,


My travel diary “Asian Style” Part 1

Xin chào!

Recently, I’ve travelled all the way down to Asia with my father for a business trip
Therefore I am one lucky girl, because how cool is Asia! That’s why I thought it would be cool to share my experiences with you guys. On a very late summer night, we flew with KLM to kuala-lumpur airport. Since I’m a little bit terrified of flying, I was incredibly grateful to set foot in the amazing and super modern airport of Kuala Lumpur!

foto 2

I had never been to Asia before, so just arriving there was already exciting as hell! I hadn’t even noticed my jetlag at all, because of my whole adrenaline rush, haha! After about 20 hours of flying and traveling about, we had arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam. Where one of my fathers employees would show us around. From the airport we grabbed a cab to take us to our hotel. I still couldn’t keep my eyes of the road and the view out of the taxi window, it was just all too exciting for one small city girl! Even though there wasn’t much to see, since it was already very late. After that we’ve arrived in the old part of Hanoi, where we were staying. And thats when the cultural difference came crashing in. First of all let me be clear, it is extremely HOT! For dutch standards, summer is a period which never is hot (let alone warm) about 18 to 20 degrees or so. But Asia is on a whole different level! And boy did I need to adjust myself to that! Thank god for the airconditioning! haha.  But the heat wasn’t the only thing; every where you look, (even if it’s 12 PM) You’ll see people working and chatting about on the roads and streets. Very different to my home country as well. After a good night sleep, which was at least 12 hours (my jetlag finally caught up with me :)), I’ve woken up and walked up my balcony in my PJ’s  to see the morning routine of the residents of Hanoi!

foto 1    foto 2

Breakfast time. Since I’m a girl who can’t survive without her daily dosis of yoghurt, I have to say I was a tad dissapointed when I realised Asia wasn’t a country were yoghurt is one of the main sources for breakfast. Bread and yoghurt are hard to get. Afterthought: Definitely should have put some in my luggage, haha! But never the less, you can eat amazing food for breakfast. As the vietnamese enjoy a cup of noodles soup or some rice with veggies and meat, I thoroughly enjoyed their fresh fruit smoothies! they have the most amazing tropical fruit you’ve ever tasted in your life! It’s just too good to decline. Fresh Papaya, Guava and sour mango are definitely a must! Since we just arrived this day, we didn’t do any business, but we took our chances to explore Hanoi a bit, and of course eat my favourite vietnamese food! Phô and a fresh coconut!

foto 3

Phô is a typical vietnamese noodles soup and this one is Phô Bo, which basically means it’s phô with meat (you can also choose chicken, or vegetariër of course) These were my highlights of day 1 and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. If you’ve been to asia yourself I’d love to hear about it in the comments. To read your likes/dislikes and adventures!